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The jumpstart of my career was going through the s#!t storm that was the early days at FanDuel. In 2015 I was primarily focused on NFL Team Partnerships – helping build out in-arena/stadium brand activations (Club 300 & FanDuel Fantasy Suite)

When the company was shut out of NY in late 2015 and we went through insane layoffs, I managed to maintain the same level of productivity and push our brand even further.

It became clear to us in 2016 that we had a branding problem and would need to really focus in on earning peoples trust back, while also changing how we showed up in the world. I worked with our VP of Marketing and CMO to develop the new (and somewhat current) logo. Selling the vision to the founders Nigel and Rob.

Below you can see some of - not all - the work I did at FanDuel. It's mostly mediocre, but damn was it fun.

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